Predicted reactivity

Predicted reactivity can be checked based on sequence alignment between a trarget protein from a species of confirmed and validated reactivity, and the full length protein sequence from species we intend to use an antibody for. The antigens that are used for antibody development can vary from 5 to 20 amino acid long peptides, to partial or full length proteins. Therefore, comparing the overall target protein sequence conservation between species is not relevant. 

What to provide us with for predicted reactivity check?

  • The product number of the antibody of interest
  • The full-length protein sequence in FASTA format, for the protein we aim to detected with a given antibody
Once we have this information, we will promptly check conservation of the antigen used to elicit the given antibody in your species. If the conservation, in the linear sequence of amino acids, is ≥ 70%, the antibody will work and detect the target protein in an extract from the species in question. In this case, such information is added to the product information sheet as so-called "predicted reactivity".


Alignment example 

In this example, the overall sequence homology is low. However, if an antibody was made to the amino acids marked in yellow, the antibody could detect the target protein in both speces. 

Let us help you secure your success when using Agrisera Antibodies! Always request a predicted reactivity check, before using our antibodies on species not listed on product information sheet!