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Primary antibodies, Plant/Algal

Primary antibodies

Agrisera offers an extensive list of antibodies, suitable for detection of plant and algal proteins in a wide range of research areas and applications. Agrisera antibodies are reactive in thousands of plants and algal species, and cited in thousands of scientific articles.
Primary antibodies, Human/animal

Primary antibodies

Agrisera has a large collection of antibodies suitable for detection of human proteins, many related to amyloid disorders. A variety of antibodies are also available for bacterial and fungal proteins.
Secondary Antibodies

Secondary antibodies

Discover Agrisera’s vast collection of validated, high-quality secondary antibodies. These are offered both conjugated and unconjugated, for luminescent, fluorescent and chromogenic detection in a wide range of applications.
Antibody production

Antibody production

Agrisera has produced thousands of custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. With our own animal facilities and in-house immunological services, we can offer antibody production for almost any research area and scale needed.

Detection reagents

Check out Agrisera's high-quality detection reagents for Western Blot and ELISA, available in different volumes and sensitivity ranges to match your research requirements.
New products

New products

Agrisera continuously develop new products to expand our collection of antibodies to plant science. This list is regularly updated.