The Agrisera website has a new design!

You may have noticed an update in the design of the Agrisera website. Besides a new, cleaner look, the update has resulted in better overall responsiveness and some new, useful features. Below is a list of the improvements you can enjoy, while browsing the Agrisera website and placing your order.

Filter function

You can now filter the products in any product category, to easier find the product you are looking for.

For all our primary antibodies, you can filter by:
  • Confirmed reactivity (the antibody has been confirmed to be reactive in the species in question, experimentally)
  • Predicted reactivity (the antibody has been confirmed to be reactive in the species in question, through sequence homology)
  • Tested applications (the applications in which you can use the antibody)
  • Clonality (polyclonal/monoclonal)

For all our secondary antibodies, you can filter by:
  • Host (the host species for the antibody in question)
  • Conjugation (ALP, Biotin, a wide range of Fluorencent dyes, HRP and Unconjugated)
  • Tested applications (the applications in which you can use the antibody)

Sorting function

Besides the filter function, you now also have the option to sort the products in any product list in alphabetical order, by product number or by the date the product was released.

Clearer search function and live search

Among the generated search results, you can filter and sort the items in the list. There is also a live search function, meaning that the search bar begins to display results as you type, for quick and easy access.

Clearer presentation of articles in the list views

In the presentation of aricles in the product lists for different product groups and search results, you will get a quick overview of some product information, pricing and application example images. Thos allows you to access information of the products listed right away, to help you quickly find the item relevant to you. This being said, for more indept information, please take advantage of the extensive data offered on each respective product page.

Clearer accessories lists on the product pages

Agrisera primary antibodies are independently validated in research laboratories around the world. For the validation, we supply these test labs with a matching secondary antibodies and detection reagents from the Agriesera catalog. Due to this, there is extensive information available on how to use our primary antibodies together with our secondary antibodies and reagents. To help you find additional items suitable to be used with your primary antibody of choice, these products are listedn in the accessories list on each product page.

Responsive quick order form

If you know the product number(s) of the item(s) of interest, you can quickly check the real-time stock balance, and/or register an order, using the function Quick Order.

  1. Go to Quick order under the tab Ordering at the top of the page
  2. Fill in the product numbers and quanities you wish to check in the table
  3. Click Update rows. The stock balance for each item will be stated

Note: No order is placed at this point. If you wish to continue and place an order for the items you have enetered in, click Go to checkout, where you can fill in your delivery details and place the order.

In-stock items are shipped within 1 business day from when an order is placed. Items that are not in stock have an additional lead time of 5-10 business days.

Clearer and more responsive checkout layout

Besides a clear and easy overview of the items in your order, as well as the delivery and invoice information needed, you can also easily pick the payment method and delivery method for your order at checkout. If you have previously placed an order that has not already been shipped, you also have the option to consolidate the two orders. By choosing this option at checkout, the orders will be shipped in the same package, and you will save on shipping cost, as this fee will only be charged once for consolidated orders. There is also an option to write comments or requests regarding your order to our customer support teams. Having the order shipped a specific date, or other requests, can be submitted in this comments field, and this information will be automatically forwarded to our ordering and logistics team. Please also note that any discount codes should be applied at checkout. All current promotions are listed here.