Anti-Linseed mucilage (clone CCRC-M141)

Product no: AS16 4038

AS16 4038  | Clonality: monoclonal  |  Host: Mouse  |  Reactivity:  Arabidopsis thaliana

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  • Product Info
  • Immunogen:

    MeBSA-conjugated seed mucilage.

    Sub class: IgG2b
    Host: Mouse
    Clonality: Monoclonal
    Format: Liquid in 0.1M Sodium Phosphate, pH 7.4, 0.15M NaCl, 0.05% (w/v) Sodium Azide.
    Quantity: 100 µg

    Antibody can be stored up to 1 month at 4°C, and at -80°C for up to 1 year. Make aliquots to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Please, remember to spin tubes briefly prior to opening them to avoid any losses that might occur from liquid material adhering to the cap or sides of the tubes.

    Tested applications: ELISA (ELISA), Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunofluorescence (IF)
    Recommended dilution: Undiluted or at 1 : 10 (ELISA), (IF), (IHC)
  • Reactivity
  • Confirmed reactivity: Linseed mucilage
  • Additional Information
  • Additional information (application): CCRC-M141 binds only to Linseed mucilage among the 54 polysaccharides tested.
  • Background
  • Background:
    Mucilage is a gelatinous substance, produced by almost all plants and some microorganisms, which contains proteins and polysaccharides and is similar to plant gums. It is involved in water and food retention, membranes thickening and seed germination. Flax seeds and cacti as well as other succulents are rich sources of mucilage, which is edible and used in medicine to relive mucos membrane irritation by forming a special protective film.
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  • Selected references: 38221900
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