Recombinant protein expression

Agrisera offers a full service in the production of high-quality recombinant proteins, including custom DNA design and synthesis. For protein production, a recombinant expression system for proteins in Escherichia coli is used. All proteins are produced as fusion proteins followed by a proteolytic digest which results in a fully native sequence where no additional tags or other residues remain.

Our recombinant protein expression service are available separately or in combination with our Antibody production services.

Chimeric protein expression

Multiple targeting of surface epitopes – the next generation of antigens!

Every structural and membrane-bound protein has parts that are exposed to its surroundings, while other parts are hidden. For an antibody to find its epitope within the native structure, it must be raised against an exposed part of the protein. Producing a protein antigen only constituting surface-exposed parts of the native protein, will increase the chances of acquiring the desired specificity. Agrisera now offers a structure-based design of protein antigens, where multiple surface-exposed epitopes are selected and fused to a novel protein. Through this approach, polyclonal antibodies have an enhanced probability of targeting the native form of the protein. This approach is also beneficial when targeting membrane proteins where e.g. binding to loop regions on one particular side of the membrane is desired.

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Protein figure