Agrisera HRP-Conjugate/Protein Stabilizer (10 ml)

Product no: AS15 HRPstab-10

AS15 HRPstab | Bovine and mammalian protein free HRP and ALP-conjugate and protein stabilizer

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AS15 HRPstab-10, 10 ml. Trial size limited to one per customer

AS15 HRPstab-100, 100 ml

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  • Data sheet
  • Agrisera HRP and ALP-conjugate and protein stabilizer preserves and stabilizes the activity of HRP or ALP conjugates and proteins and other bio-molecules used in following assays: western blot, ELISA, Southern/Northern Blots and lateral flow strips. It is designed as a ready to use stabilizer, buffer, diluent and possible coat block for immunoassays.
    This stabilizer does not contain mammalian proteins like bovine proteins of BSA. This allows to mnimize background issues, unwanted protein interactions and concerns with possible transmission of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Stabilizer is not affected by freezing and is supplied as one component liquid, ready to use formula.

    • no mammalian proteins included
    • minimizes background interactions 
    • stable through freeze cycles (does not contain glycerol)
    • can be used to coat plates and as a blocking agent, potentially enabling both blocking and stabilization at the same time
    • can be used directly as an assay buffer for high concentration stock and dilute conjugate solutions
    • will stabilize diluted conjugates for months at room temperature
    • produced based on SureGuard chemical technology
    • can be used directly as an assay buffer
    • glycerol will not adversely affect the performance of this stabilizer 
    • antimicrobial agents are inluded to inhibit bacterial growth

    Recommendation for use:
    Use 1:1 and test in your specific application for the best stability and performance. Most optimal concentration of the particular conjugate should be determined for each assay system.
  • Product Info
  • Storage: Store in the dark at 2°C to 8°C, This product is stable for a minimum of 2 years at 2°C to 8°C, Room temperature applied for extended periods during use and freezing will not adversely affect performance of this product
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  • Comparison between Agrisera HRP-conjugate stabilizer and competitor.
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AS15 Diluent  |  TMB based, especially formulated with extreme sensitivity, HRP substRate for microwell application.

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AS09 602 |  Clonality: Polyclonal | Host: Goat | Reactivity: Rabbit IgG (H&L)

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AS15 TMB-HRP | TMB based, especially formulated with extreme sensitivity, HRP substrate for microwell application.
- 10ml trial size is restricted to one unit per customer -
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