Product no: AS11 1811

AS11 1811 | Clonality: Polyclonal | Host: Rabbit | Reactivity:A.thalina, C. pepo, N. tabacum

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  • Product Info
  • Immunogen:

    γ-glutamyl-cysteine (gamma-EC) linked by glutaraldehyde

    Host: Rabbit
    Clonality: Polyclonal
    Purity: Immunogen affinity purified serum in PBS pH 7.4.
    Format: Lyophilized
    Quantity: 2x100 g
    Reconstitution: For reconstitution add 100 l of sterile water per tube
    Storage: Store lyophilized/reconstituted at -20C; once reconstituted make aliquots to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Please remember to spin the tubes briefly prior to opening them to avoid any losses that might occur from material adhering to the cap or sides of the tube.
    Tested applications: Immunocytochemistry (ICC), Immunogold (IG)
    Recommended dilution: 1 : 50 (ICC), (IG)
  • Reactivity
  • Confirmed reactivity: Arabidopsis thaliana, Cucurbita pepo L. subsp. peop var. styriaca Greb, Nicotiana tabacum cv. samsun
    Predicted reactivity: Species of your interest not listed? Contact us
    Not reactive in: No confirmed exceptions from predicted reactivity are currently known
  • Additional Information
  • Additional information (application):

    Immunogold labeling for electron microscopy

    Block ultrathin sections (80nm) prepared for immunogold labeling with 2% bovine serum albumine (BSA) in phosphate buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.2). Then treat the sections with the primary antibody (anti-γ-glutamylcysteine rabbit polyclonal IgG) diluted 1:50 in PBS containing 1% BSA for 2 h at room temperature. After a short rinse in PBS (3 X 5 min), incubate samples with a gold-conjugated secondary antibody (goat anti-rabbit IgG; eg. 10nm) diluted 1:50 in PBS including 1% BSA for 90 min at room temperature. After a short wash in PBS (2 X 5 min), and distilled water (3 X 5 min) observe grids under a transmission electron microscope.

  • Background
  • Background:

    γ-glutamyl-cysteine is a precursor of glutathione and is synthesized by linkage of glutamate and cysteine by γ-glutamylcysteine synthetase. Synonymes:gamma-glutamyl-cysteine, γ-glutamyl-cysteine. Alternative names: γ-EC, γ-Glu-Cys.

  • Product Citations
  • Selected references: Koffler et al. (2011). Subcellular distribution of glutathione precusors in Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology. 53: 930-941.
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