Can tubulin be used as a loading control in metal stress?

To check this, Anti-tubulin alpha chain antibodies were used on extracts from Nicotiana tabacum plants, treated with silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) with 2 different coatings.

Tubulin alpha protein content (marked by a blue arrow in the image to the right) was influenced by silver nanoparticle treatment. Similar results were obtained for tubulin gamma chain.

Therefore, it can be concluded that:

Metal induced stress affected the expression of tubulin alpha and gamma, and that therefore, these proteins cannot be used as loading controls under these conditions.

Western blot using anti-tubulin antibodies on metal stressed samples
All experimental details can be found here.
Courtesy of MSc, Karla Košpić, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science Department of Biology, Croatia.
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