There are hundreds of model species, and thousands of proteins to detect. Therefore, to secure the success of your experiments, and save precious time in the lab, the following questions should be asked before any antibody is purchased:

  • Is the species I am working with listed on the product information sheet?
  • Have I checked with the antibody provider if the antigen used to elicit the antibody I am interested in, is also conserved in the protein I aim to detect?

If the answer to these question is no, the antibody in question should not be purchased and used, as this can lead to false positive results.

If the answer to these questions is yes, a positive control, like a sample from a species with confirmed reactivity, should be included in the testing. In case of any issues with a detection, the antibody supplier should be informed about it. Agrisera offers experienced technical support for such cases and have a policy of refund, if the antibody still does not work. 

Our product information sheets contain monthly updated information about species reactivity. 

You are always welcome to contact us if the species you are working with is not listed!
Contact: [email protected]
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