Question from a customer

Our lab has a microscope with the following filter set:
ECFP (EX at 435/20x),  (Beam Splitter at 455DC), (EM at 535/40m)
FITC (EX at 480/30x),  (Beam Splitter at 505DC), (EM at 535/40m)
TRITC (EX at 540/25x),  (Beam Splitter at 565DC), (EM at 605/55m)

Which DyLight®-conjugated secondary antibody can be recommended?

DyLight® 488 conjugated secondary antibodies are recommended with FITC filer, as this will not interfere neither with the cell wall autofluorescence, nor with the chlorophyll fluorescence - see image below, which is a compilation from ThermoFisher Fluorescence SpectraViewer.

Fluorescence spectra viewer

Agrisera offers secondary antibodies conjugated to DyLight®488 for the following species:
anti-chicken | anti-goat | anti-guinea piganti-llama | anti-mouse | anti-rabbit| anti-sheep

To view the whole collection, click here.
Please feel free to ask us for help to choose the correct secondary antibodies!