Is it possible to predict in which technique a given antibody may work? 

As it is possible to predict reactivity of an antibody to a target protein from a given species, it is also possible to predict if a given antibody is suitable for the technique we want to use it for. 

Antibodies are made either to short synthetic peptides (15-20 amino acid long), or to recombinant or native proteins and will recognize a certain pool of epitopes. These are either located at the N or C-terminal, or in hidden or exposed parts of a protein.

Antibodies that recognize linear epitopes (which are subsequent amino acids in the protein sequence), will work well in techniques like Western blot or immunolocalization, where the tissue is fixed in different ways, allowing protein unfolding and epitope exposure. Antibodies that are produced to exposed protein fragments (N, C terminal or exposed peptides), will be suitable for techniques like ChIP, immunoprecipitation and ELISA. 

 Antibody techniques
Of course, each theoretical prediction has to be confirmed experimentally. However, it is worth to start with that to save precious time in the lab. You are always welcome to ask Agrisera for advice!