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Quick facts about IgG

IgG is the main low molecular weight immunoglobulin present in mammalian serum, and makes up 75% of serum immunoglobulins.

  • Molecular mass: ~150 to 170 kDa depending on the species. IgG consists of two light chains and two heavy chains connected by disulfide bonds. The light chains have a molecular weight of around 23 kDa each, while the heavy chains are around 50 kDa each for H chain subclass ϒ1,2,4, and 60 kDa for ϒ3.
  • Isoelectric point: 6.1-8.5 (7.3 ± 1.2) if monoclonal (polyclonal antibodies do not have a set isoelectric point as they are a pool of various classes).
  • Concentration in serum: 10-20 mg/ml
  • Glycosylation (by weight): 3%
  • Extinction coefficient at 280 nm: 1.36 for a solution of 1 mg/ml, Johnstone, A. and Thorpe, R. (1988) “Immunoassays”. In: Johnstone, A. and Thorpe, R., Eds., Immunochemistry in Practice, 2th Edition, Blackwell Scientific Pub, London, 257-260.
  • IgG molecule dimensions: 13.7 nm (width), 8.4 nm (height), Horng et al. 2008
  • Distribution in the body: intra- and extravascular
  • Immunological function: secondary response
  • Structure: self-assembles into hexamers, which form two dimensional crystals in aqueous solution (Shinichiro et al. 2014, Nature Materials)
  • Function: Activate mammalian complements 
  • Binds to: Protein A or Protein G

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Examples of techniques where IgG antibodies have been successfully used

Agrisera Secondary Antibodies bind to

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Available immunoglobulins from various species in different purity grades

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Further information

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Recommended literature about IgG antibodies

  • Using Antibodies: A Laboratory Manual, E. Harlow and D. Lane, 1999,
    ISBN: 0879695447; Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.
  • Immunochemistry in Practice, A. Johnstone and R. Thorpe, 1988,
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