Well-validated antibodies to specific cellular compartments are crucial to support data regarding localization studies of novel proteins. Agrisera's Cellular compartment antibody collection contains of marker antibodies to:

Cell wall
| Chloroplast | Cytoplasm | Microsomal membranes | Mitochondria | Nuclei | Peroxisomes | Plasma membrane | Vacuole

Agrisera compartment marker antibodies have been used in in a wide range of publications over the last 15 years. For many compartments we offer several antibodies, to proteins of different molecular weight, to match your experimental requirements.

Not certain which compartment marker antibody to choose? Ask Agrisera's techincal staff for an advice.  

Until end of June 2023, Agrisera Antibody Collection for Arabidopsis thaliana is provided with a 10% discount


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