Using directly conjugated primary antibodies will help shorten both Western blot and immunolocalization procedures, as the secondary antibody incubation step is not necessary. Agrisera offers directly conjugated, antigen affinity purified primary antibodies to proteins involved in:

These antibodies are offered directly conjugated to: 
  • Alkaline phosphatase (ALP)
  • Biotin 
  • Fluorophores: DyLight® in the range of 350 to 850 nm
  • Horse radish peroxidase (HRP)
A primary antibody must be in antigen affinity purified, to allow the conjugation to an enzyme or a dye. 
Take a look at a complete list of available directly conjugated primary antibodies here.

The 10% discount for this product group is offered until end of December 2024. 

  Agrisera directly conjugated primary antibodies for plant and algal research

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