To directly conjugated a primary antibody to an enzyme, like ALP or HRP, or a fluorescent dye, like DyLight®, the antibody must be of the highest purity; purified against the specific antigen. 

Q: What are the benefits of using directly conjugated primary antibodies?

A: The time necessary to complete all steps of a Western blot or immunolocalization protocol, is shortened considerably, as there is no need for secondary antibody incubation and subsequent washes, before the final reaction can be visualized. Potential cross-reactions, which may occur when using secondary antibodies, are also eliminated. Possible sample loss due to washing steps is also reduced. 

Until end of 2024, all directly conjugated Agrisera primary antibodies are discounted by 10%, when applying the discount code Primconj10.

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  Directly conjugated primary antibodies
Using directly conjugated primary antibodies, is most beneficial for protein targets of high and moderate abundance in the analyzed tissue.

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