Agrisera antibodies in scientific publications

As more than half of the antibodies used in research cannot be properly identified, it is absolutely crucial to include information, which will allow antibody identification by researchers who want to repeat your experiments. Some journals provide a guideline for antibody citation, unfortunately most of them does not. This vital issue is most often completely overlooked. 

If there are no recommendations from a journal, where you intend to publish your work, citing an antibody can be done in the following way: 

Antibody name, product number, supplier name, country

For example: Anti-RbcL, AS03 037 (Agrisera, Sweden)

We would like to encourage you to cite antibodies in a way, which will allow their future identification. Especially in case of antibodies to tag proteins, it is really of a crucial importance. 

Good luck with your research!
2019-03-22 @ 11:55:30