Agrisera is participating in the following meetings in 2021 

The 31st International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, 21.06-25.06, online conference
Plant Biology Europe 2021, 28.06-1.07, online conference
Plant Biology 2021, 19.07-23.07, Pittsburgh, USA, online conference
Plant Photobiology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 22.07-25.07, online conference
Chlamy 2021, 29.08-3.09, Six-Fours-les-Plages, France
Argentinian meeting of Plant Physiology, 13.09-17.09, SantaFe Argentina
Online 10th biennial PSEPB Conference 20.09–23.09, Katowice, Poland
Compass, Passport to the future, Interdisciplinary doctoral studies at the Faculty of Biology, UAM, 22.09-24.09, Poznań, Poland
KBC Days, 9-10.11, Umeå, Sweden

Agrisera is suppporting following meetings in 2021

Online Conference | Western photosynthesis 2021, 2.01
Online International Plant Proteomics Organization 4th conference, 9.03-11.03
Online conference | Photosynthesis: from phytochemistry to biochemistry, ERPC38, 24.04
Online conference ISRR/ROOTING2021, 24.05-28.05
Online PostDocDay at University of Geneve, 27.05, Switzerland
Online Canadian Society of Plant Biologists CSPB-SCBV2021, 7.06-11.06, Canada
Hybrid conference: International Conference on Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (ICPSBB), 14.06-17.06, Golden Sands, Bulgaria
Plant Biology Europe, 28-06-1.07, online conference
8th Plant Nitric Oxide International Meeting, 7.07-9.07,Szeged, Hungary
Plant Organellar Signalling (FEBS workshop), 19.09-23.09, Primošten Croatia
Understanding plant responses to climate change: redox-based strategies, 20.09-22.09, Baeza, Spain
The 23rd Austrian Society of Plant Biology Conference, 23.09-25.09, Seitenstetten, Austria
15th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress, 5.10-8.10, Gothenburg, Sweden
Target of rapamycin (TOR) signaling in photosynthetic organisms, 21.10-24.10, Eiceira, Portugal
Online 47th Annual Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Conference22.10-23.10, USA
A creative Economy for Sustainable Development, 2021 ASA, CSSA, SSA International Annual Meeting, 7.11-10.11, Salt Lake City, USA
Cyano2021: Early Career Researcher Symposium on Cyanobacteria - "Photosynthesis – from its origin to applications", 15.11-17.11, online
Unveiling biological networks by cutting-edge proteomic tools 30.11-4.12, Rosario, Argentina
Online | The Canadian Society of Plant Biologists 2021 Western Regional Meeting, 3.12-4.12, Canada


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