Heat-shock protein 70 (Hsp70) is the major stress-inducible protein in vertebrates, and is highly conserved throughout evolution. Hsp70 works as a molecular chaperone, and plays an important role in how cells cope with acute stressor insult, especially those affecting the protein machinery. Heat shock cognate protein 70 (HSC70) is a highly conserved protein, and a member of the family of molecular chaperones.

Below you can fin Agrisera antibodies to plant HPS70 target isoforms, located in different cellular compartments: 
These antibodies are developed to short synthetic peptides, unique for each isoform, and each antibody has been used in numerous publications. 

Until end of March 2024 all antibodies related to environmental stress are offered with a 20% discount, when using discount code Stress20.
Agrisera anti-HSP70 (plant) antibodies
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