Question: If something goes wrong with the development of a Western blot with ECL, or if I have too high background or too low signal, can I redo the reaction on the same blot?

Answer: Yes! Within the same day. 
Simply wash the membrane with the appropriate washing buffer, used in your protocol, 1-2 times for 5-10 minutes, and apply another one of the ECL reagents from the Agrisera ECL reagent set. If there is too much background, and a very strong band for the target protein, apply Agrisera ECL Bright. If a target protein band is not detected, apply Agrisera ECL SuperBright

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   Agrisera's versatile ECL set of 2 reagents with different sensitivity

Blot A shows an abundant photosynthetic protein, PsbA, visualized with too sensitive of a reagent, which was washed away, and the membrane was subsequently developed with less sensitive Agrisera ECL Bright (Blot B). 

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