For your convenience, chosen Agrisera antibodies can be purchased as sets at very favorabe pricing. The sets also include high-titer matching secondary antibodies, which can be used at 1: 25 000 1h/RT incubation, and Agrisera's ECL reagents, which offer versatile detection.

Agrisera offers the following antibody sets: 

Educational antibody set for photosynthesis | Photosynthesis Tool kit – quantitation (includes standards for quantification of PSI and PSII) | Oxidative stress antibody set | Argonaute antibody set | Rubisco quantitation set (for Western blot or ELISA) | Plant Cell Compartment Antibody Marker Set for 3, 5 or 10 marker antibodies of your choice.

You are always welcome to suggest a new antibody set to us!

 Example of Agrisera Antibody Set

An example of Agrisera Antibody Set, including high-titer matching secondary antibodies and ECL reagent. 

 Agrisera blog

Agrisera blog