Zhao et al. used several of Agrisera antibodies to photosynthetic proteins in the recent publication "Psb28 protein is indispensable for stable accumulation of PSII core complexes in Arabidopsis",  published in Plant Journal, May 2024.

The following antibodies were used in mutant characterization:

Anti-AtpB | Beta subunit of ATP synthase (chloroplastic + mitochondrial), AS05 085
Anti-Cyt f | Cytochrome f protein (PetA) of thylakoid Cyt b6/f-complex, AS08 306 (AS20 4377)
Anti-Deg8 | protease Do-like 8 (chloroplastic), AS14 2767
Anti-FtsH1+FtsH5 | ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FtsH1+FtsH5 (chloroplastic), AS16 3930
Anti-FtsH2+FtsH8 | ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FtsH2+FtsH8 (chloroplastic), AS16 3929
Anti-Lhcb2 | LHCII type II chlorophyll a/b-binding protein, AS01 003
Anti-Lhca2 | PSI type II chloropyll a/b-binding protein, AS01 006
Anti-PsaA | PSI-A core protein of photosystem I, AS06 172
Anti-PsbA | D1 protein of PSII, C-terminal, AS05 084
Anti-PsbB | CP47 protein of PSII, AS04 038
Anti-PsbC | CP43 protein of PSII, AS11 1787
Anti-PsbD | D2 protein of PSII, AS06 146
Anti-PsbE | Alfa subunit of Cytochrome b559 of PSII, AS06 112
Anti-PsbF | beta subunit of Cytochrome b559 of PSII, AS06 113
Anti-PsbO | 33 kDa of the oxygen evolving complex (OEC) of PSII (anti-peptide), AS05 092
Anti-RbcL | Rubisco large subunit, form I, AS03 037

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